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Picture books that help children deal with big emotions

Discover heart-warming stories of friendship, courage and kindness.

Entering preschool is an incredibly precious stage in a child’s life. All of a sudden their world widens and everything is new, exciting, but also sometimes a little overwhelming...

From overcoming anxiety and making friends to managing anger and understanding diversity, our picture books help parents and children navigate the daily challenges of those early years. While at the same time allowing them to have fun when delving into the rich, colourful world of Tumilu Valley.

5 stars, Reader's Favourite

"Dahlig’s story flows beautifully, and the lessons in this story are delightfully handled. Marta Dahlig’s illustrations are a joy to behold. This book will be fun for caregivers and young listeners alike as they lose themselves in the natural wonders of Tumilu Valley. (...) Most highly recommended."

Picture books to raise compassionate and confident kids.

We believe that nurturing empathy is fundamental for children’s wellbeing. It gives kids the ability to build stronger relationships, facilitates learning and boosts their confidence.

Furthermore, as research shows, one of the best ways to encourage emotional development in young children is through picture books.

That’s why we also consulted child therapists and psychologists on the contents of our books. So when you’re reading the stories from Tumilu Valley, you’re not only experiencing a compelling story - you’re nurturing empathy and fostering a lifelong love of reading and learning.

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